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Being a full-time employee of Decorative Visions Home Collections allows me the freedom to help people with their interior decorating. As an Interior Designer, I've seen decor styles change over the years and than come back again.

As a designer and a merchandise buyer I attend large trade shows around the country to see and learn about the newest trends in home decor.

My design and decorating philosophy often times differs from other Interior Designers as I believe your home should make you comfortable and let your personality shine regardless if you want to incorporate one style of decor or have an eclectic collection all in the same room. There is always ways to make it work and I don't believe there is a wrong or right when it comes to home decorating.

Hopefully you will find my insights and ideas interesting. You may not like something I've posted and that is ok! I would love to have you post your suggestions and thoughts and share your decorating experiences with everyone. This way; together, we maybe able to offer a great solution to somone else's dilemma.

Looking forward to hearing from you and sharing decor ideas together.


Berri Rannells