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    September 17, 2009


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    Well, I agree with you there, "Taking expensive gifts to your boss is a bit trickier - find something nice but not overly pricey as he or she may think you only want a raise or promotion." well said. Anyway, I like that gift idea. Thanks for sharing this post. Keep posting!


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    This is absolutely adorable and the use of native materials makes you fee close to nature! I hope I can find a lot of these things over the local market, usually, I find them online and will take a few days (and damage) before they get delivered.

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    What a incredible collection of gifts !!

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    I love that base!!! And the collection is really amazing ... stunning plates!!! Thank you for this valuable post!


    Kitchen Countertop, The Fleur de Lis design is and will continue to be a classic design. Fits with most design styles & highlights the beauty of solid counter tops.

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    Wow! this is absolutely gorgeous,i like it there is no doubt that its gonna be a perfect gift. Will certainly visit your site more often now.


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    Very lovely ideas. Maybe, I will try making one.

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    I like the collection of gifts, very nice. I think your thoughts are very important when you buy a gift for someone. these all are lovely gifts.

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    These are important considerations when buying a hostess gift for many reasons.


    Ohhhh, how can i say about the good kitchen!? it's the best of the best!!!!!!!
    Love the red ones, the white ones, the green ones and even the black ones!!!!
    I Love The Kitchens!!!!!!!!

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    Ha ha, it is a cool design, i like it!!

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