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    February 16, 2010


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    Wow, you have a very beautiful article. I like this article and its so very interesting. Thank you for posting it.

    Deirdre G



    Thank you for your nice comment. I try very hard to write from what I believe some people like others do not. While it is easy for some to decorate other people just need the encouragement to try it! I believe everyone has the potential to make a great living space. For me, decorating with accessories whether it is one new item or borrowed items from other rooms transforms your room into something else and one you will enjoy for awhile.


    first thanks for such a beautiful article and as you said try to change the accessories of one room with other, change the setup of furniture and decor accessories it help a lot to decorate your name all you need is a lil bit effort and your home will be perfect.


    Its interesting how our tastes change over time. I've noticed myself liking wall decor more and more over the years and my style is becoming more eclectic. I think as we evolve and grow as people, our tastes become more distinct. Great blog!



    Wow.. Thank ou for this article. I am thrilled on stepping to another part of my life. Being a wife and there are things that we don't normally agree with my husband. :(. Maybe this will help a bit and lighten up the atmosphere.


    Thanks for this article... really have many things to know more about decoration. All of us have our own taste when it comes to the decoration but this blog are more information you can know.


    Loved reading this blog,Luckily i havent resorted to removing a supporting wall, YET!!!

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    A perfect home is a way for perfect living..Really happy to visit your post..As u said i waz always a little panic wat if the decor did'nt fit my idea..
    really informative post with good and clear cut solutions...

    smart home

    A perfect home is a way for perfect living..Really happy to visit your post..As u said i waz always a little panic wat if the decor did'nt fit my idea..
    really informative post with good and clear cut solutions…

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    Wow. thanks for posting this article. I love your blog. I learned a lot from reading it and i also got many ideas in home decorations. Good work! Keep it up.

    Thea S.

    So true, it's hard to start decorating if it's
    not your talent. I appreciate great decor designs
    but i don't know where to start..
    thanks for sharing this it helps a lot.

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    Decoration of home or redecorate an existing one is generally come in our life, and than it is always is complicated question from where we start what modification we do if it is existing one.

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    Thanks for sharing, its pretty informative.You can extract lot of fun with decorating your home; just put some experimentation up there where it tends to fit your own fashion with design. If you want to change the look of your house but down know how it can be done without requiring you too much effort, you can consider the beauty of area rugs for you to add on design.

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    Home decorating is a frame of mind depending on the person's home and way of life.its all about the design and how the look and feel of the home birings the appeal to the home owner giving the home a relaxing Atmosphere. visit here


    Decorating is always a part of every house. It provides beauty, style and also comfort. When we decorate our house we must start at the complicated areas to make it simpler and easier.

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    The starting point of home decorating is always the hardest but once you get going, it all comes into place.

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