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    February 08, 2008



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    Sue | Blinds

    That really creates a different look in a bathroom, it actually is quite nice. Have they used that more as a window curtain or is there a shower behind it. Either way the look is just great.

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    How nice that you can get all of this stuff with just one purchase! I wouldn't have thought that possible.

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    People from around the world travel to be inspired by the lighthouse in Keywest, Florida and the famous Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in North Carolina.

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    My son might not like this
    Restroom Supplies He's afraid of lighthouse because of those bad horror movies!


    This of curtain is great. Look at the design it looks very realistic. It has a great design, and i know kids will enjoy.


    Wow. That is nice. I think it is very unique and kinda simple. I have to say congrats to the designer. Great piece.

    SEO Copywriter

    I love this - such an usual use of the bathroom! Brilliant. My kids have a really small bathroom but would love to do something like this - have been looking for an option for a linen chest without actually installing a cupboard - the pirate chest has given me tons of new ideas!

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