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    September 21, 2009


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    The clock in the picture is very pretty ! I wish I had in my room.
    It's a very good idea of decoration.


    Wonderful finds here! Also, I made an interesting discovery. Here’s an excerpt from an article I wrote about it this month…
    Bring Out The YOU In Your Home Decor!
    Bill Blass said, “Style is primarily a matter of instinct.” Decorating takes on a new meaning for each individual. Different tastes in decor mean different furniture, artwork and color palettes. So what is the rule of thumb for making your place zing if it’s not a certain style, pattern, or color?
    Bring out the Y-O-U!
    Make a statement and let your personality shine through! Add your zing to make it pop. Hang something personal on the wall with a few well-chosen accents-bold and beautiful. The trend for decor is becoming more and more personalized.
    Whatever you want to say while decorating, say it with your own individual style. Put it out there for the world to see and don’t look back. Express yourself! When people enter your home they’ll shoot you a complementary smile, knowing it looks and feels sooooo perfectly like you. And no one can do YOU better.
    by T. Miller
    Décor Tips & Quips from AlphabetPIX
    Take your individual decorating style to a whole new level of personalization, and discover a new way of looking at the world around you - Create your own Personalized Name Art with Photos That Look Like Letters!
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    Oh! this Decorative Wall Clocks was so cool. I am sure my mom gonna love this. I just wonder how much is it?



    Thanks for your comment Gifts Philippines! The Malvina Decorative Clock is fantastic because of its versatility to compliment most decor styles. It is $187.85 + shipping. You can see all clocks at:

    Building Wash Lights

    Good posts on this blog about home decoration of Building wash lights

    house for sale Philippines

    I'll buy one of this clock for my new home. This decorative clock was rockin!!!

    Deirdre G


    Dear House for Sale Phillipines,

    Glad you like the clock, it is very nice and fits with most decor styles. International shipping is now available.

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    this is amazing stuff

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    this blog is great, all the information is well done I like the part where it says "If you have a large area you want to decorate, consider using a larger clock or for a unique and eclectic look you may want to try creating a grouping of clocks together." is very good!

    Ethan Allen

    This entral pendant light gives a good general light

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    This clcok is lovely. I haven't thought about getting a clock like this before but I really like how it looks.

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    A great man is always willing to be little—R. W. Emerson
    It is not enough to be industrious, so are the ants. What are you industrious for?— H. D. Thoreau

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    The house is the place for you people! With it we are free from sun and wind! You speak very good! It enjoys popular support! Now we all need a house! Thank you for your willingness to share with us

    Contemporary Wall Clocks

    Wall clocks form an essential part of home decorations. Today modern wall clocks are used not only to keep track of time but also to provide the interiors with a unique look.


    I love how clocks can serve as a decorative piece. I just purchased this wall clock that looks like silver sun's looks great with my modern artsy decor. Check it out here I placed it perfectly over a table when you enter my front door. I get tons of compliments and it was a great buy.

    Larry Rossdale

    Hi everyone,

    If you are looking for unique clocks, you should check out I was looking for a new clock for my kitchen and found some amazing designs there. Highly recommended!

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    In any home decoration a beautiful clock play a big role. Clocks are a great accessory piece and give a functional touch to a room. This has a prime effect on your guest because all are seeing it first.

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    I did a moving job about a year ago. And the family who ordered our service had this giant clock in the living room. That clock was the size of a piano. I remember what a challenge it was to move it.

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    Superb Decorative wall clock... Mind Blowing..

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    This is really a unique wall clock, what a great find :) I love the idea.

    Metal Wall Art

    Wow. This is such a unique and classic wall clock. I love the design it is elegant. I love it. I also want this in my house. Thanks for posting this article.

    Pure Painters

    Great before and after shots!
    I can never seem to take the before ones...

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    The website you suggested is very nice, they really have a huge selection of decorative clocks and I will def buy one for me and they are a great gift idea too!


    It is a quite unusual clock. Its unique and cool to have at home. But, you can only see the time from one side, its a little disadvantage. Still, it looks great.

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