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    March 28, 2010


    canvas wall art

    Your blogs are very informative,I can renovate the little space of the room of my kids know and make it look bigger.It's just a matter of being creative to have better output.

    Lofts Toronto

    Yes, when making your house a home, creativity is the key. You are offering some great tips to help that, thanks for them. Kids rooms need special treatment - everything should be bright and colorful so that they will feel comfy there.

    Best regards,


    I love your blogs normally peoples/ bloggers put so many photos in their post and describe less how they do all that stuff, thanks for sharing your ideas love the theme of the room


    Thanks everyone for the kind comments! I love decorating and showing how by using one item can change the entire look of the room and functionality.

    Sometimes a lot of pictures are good but the content must follow. I try to give a glimpse of an image as I think this helps your creativity and imagination. It is amazing how one picture or image can turn on a light bulb when you say, "hey that's a great idea, I can do that!"

    Eileyah Zen Jenkins

    i love the bean bag..and i really appreciate parents who give effort in redecorating their kids' rooms giving them a sense of individuality and style

    cubicle furniture

    I like this design...Will design it for my child :)

    Shower - Billy

    First time commenter on your blog. Great info here, and I've only scratched the surface!

    bifold doors

    Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    bifold doors

    I really like your post you done a great jobs . Thanks for sharing valuable information.

    home wall art

    Your blog is so informative and it can really attract other readers. It's really not that hard decorating a small space. You just have to have the right things to place in it.

    Kids decor

    Kids always like very mild colours and occupying small space for them. week i tried a new decor for my room and it sounds the same. I love your tips and blog.


    Hey thats a nice blog...loved your ideas on decorating kids room...thanks


    nice blog.. love the decoration in the children's room and love the pink rug.

    toronto kitchen renovations

    Thank you very much to generate this idea. This is also a money saving technique. Thanks again.

    Home automation system

    Kids always love pink color,hope this a perfect room for them...Its sounds interesting ...Let me convey ur tips to my baby... Nice work...

    Decor trend

    They are simply superb and it gives wonderful feeling for kids. I love the way you have shared it. Very cool colors and keep on sharing more decor trends. Well done!!!

    smart home

    Amazing ideas for decorating kids room.very cost-effective but great idea...
    Definitely kids room are to be given special preference and needs to decorated with attractive decors...

    Double Glazing

    Out of small place you can make a big room by just decorating it correctly. Using appropriate furnitures that will fit to to the needs of your kids. And light color are more attractive.

    Kids decor

    Thank you very much to generate this idea.Thanks again.Love your blog!Great photos...Light color are alwayz attractive... Also love how you writing Styles that is an excellent idea!Glad to visit ur blog..

    Used Office Furniture

    Great tips - kids rooms are usually the hardest part of the house -- they typically want to change them all the time anyway.

    Ashlie A.

    This is all i really need,thanks for sharing very useful blog., I was thinking how do i maximize my
    kids room,glad i find your site.
    great post!

    Pure Painters

    Great before and after shots!
    I can never seem to take the before ones...

    Double Glazing

    Nice article. Thanks for posting this. It really helps me getting ideas in decorating my kid's room. To maximizes it's space and to make it stylish and eye catchy.

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    In the beginning, the universe was created. This made a lot of people very angry, and has been widely regarded as a bad idea. Do you agree?

    home decorating ideas

    Nice article. Thanks for posting this. It really helps me getting ideas in decorating my kid's room. To maximizes it's space and to make it stylish and eye catchy.

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